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Recurrent Miscarriage Support


If you have ever suffered through a miscarriage you’ll know the heartbreak and aching sense of loss, the confusion and the fear it can bring. Whether you have had one, two or more miscarriages, there is a great deal you can do to reduce the chance of it happening again.
There are many different reasons for miscarriage, some are unlikely to happen again others have a moderate to high risk of recurrence.

 Miscarriage can be a result of;
* chromosomal defects,
*  immune disorders,
* MTHFR concerns,
* raised homocysteine,
*  clotting disorders,
*  infection,
* hormone imbalances including progesterone, oestrogen and prolactin,  
*  thyroid imbalances and
*  insulin resistance,
*  structural abnormality,
*  nutritional deficiencies and
*  genetic causes.

I will focus firstly on helping you to heal emotionally and physically from your miscarriage. We discuss the best time to start preparing for your next pregnancy to reduce your chance of miscarriage is 3 -4 months before you start trying to conceive. We guide you toward the optimal preconception diet and support you with individually prescribed supplements. When you are ready we talk about the testing necessary to reduce most causes of miscarriage.

I aim for you to feel confident and empowered before your next conception attempt, knowing you have done all the testing required, you have made all the diet and lifestyle changes necessary to build a healthy foundation for egg and sperm health, for placental health and for optimal cell health. You have corrected hormonal imbalances, resolved infection and you have managed genetic issues and clotting problems.

I have supported hundreds of women through recovery from miscarriage,  conception and  healthy pregnancy all the way to holding her healthy new baby in her arms.

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