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Has Covid 19 Affected Your Fertility Journey?

Its been an incredibly challenging few weeks of adapting, pivoting and adjusting to our lives during Covid 19... particularly for those of you who had been in the midst of IVF cycles or who had cycles planned to commence soon.

My heart goes out to you if you have had to cope with cancellations, along with no clear expectation of when you could start your IVF journey again.

Your dreams and goals don't need to be abandoned, this is just another speed-bump on your baby journey, (one you never imagined, I know).

Don't give up and sink into hopelessness and despair, this time can be used wisely, powerfully and effectively.

There are multiple large studies proving without doubt that excellent preconception care will increase your chances of success with IVF, so lets use this time to boost your success rates!!

You can begin making changes right now to enhance your egg quality, your endometrial lining, your implantation success, your partner's sperm quality, percentages of egg collection: fertilization: healthy blastocysts.

And, of course the end results will be healthier full term pregnancies and healthier babies!

This way, when the legislation is lifted, you'll be in your absolute best position to start your new cycle!

Also, there will be many couples who have embarked on IVF who can conceive naturally when they reset the foundations of their fertility, this is something I see all the time in my practice 😊, wouldn't it be wonderful to have already conceived by the time the IVF clinics are open again!

So what to do??....

I have a bunch of resources available to support, empower and guide you on your fertility journey.

- The Fertility Essentials Blueprint

- The Nourished Fertility Checklist

- The Fertility Reset Formula

- The Egg Quality Optimizer

- The Ultimate Fertility Quiz

You can also check out more online support here-

-The Fertility Enhancement System

-The Fertility Playbook

-The IVF Success System

And, as always, I'm here for you if you are ready for personalized support.

In line with current recommendations at the time of writing (April 1st 2020) I'm suggesting online and phone consultations which work beautifully and are just as effective as face to face consultations.

You can book your appointment here -

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