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Finding your Fertile Window Depends on Finding YOUR Unique Ovulation Day ....

( hint - its often not day 14 ! )

Remember back in school when we were learning about periods and sex and the apparent huge risk of getting pregnant with the greatest of ease?


That didn't quite turn out, did it?

Now that you're trying to get pregnant you want to know more about your fertility, and you definitely want to know when is the best time to have sex to get pregnant!

Finding Ovulation is Step 1.

... and sometimes finding ovulation can be tricky.

You might even find you're not ovulating, or you're not ovulating at the time 'you're supposed to', or you're only ovulating a few times a year.

The most common reasons your ovulation may be delayed or missing are -

  1. PCOS or high androgens

  2. Hypothyroid

  3. High prolactin

  4. High stress and adrenal dysfunction

  5. Excessive exercise

  6. Fasting or too little calories

Figuring out why things are wonky is Step 2

Charting your cycle and organising blood tests (to be done at very specific times of cycle) will help you find out what's going on ...

➡️ Tip: hormones and cycle interpretation are not usually your GPs area of expertise

Want to know what test you need to be asking for ? The list below is a thorough starting point

  1. FSH, LH, Oestradiol, Prolactin, Progesterone

  2. Testosterone, SHBG, DHEA

  3. Fasting insulin

  4. Thyroid Panel- TSH fT3, fT4, thyroid antibodies

  5. Pelvic ultrasound

Charting your cycle using the symptothermal awareness method takes 5 minutes of your day. This method requires you to simply 1.chart your waking temperature and 2. note down your cervical mucus signs.

Charting will give you an amazing amount of information and, its efficient, convenient and cheap! ( I teach how to confidently master charting in my signature program Well Conceived).

Your results and charting will tell you what you need to know. You may have a clear diagnosis of PCOS, Hypothalamic Amenorrhea or high Prolactin.

You may also need a little more clarity because ovulation can be affected by your thyroid, your stress and adrenal health, inflammation, your insulin sensitivity, your mitochondrial health and whether you have had Covid 19 recently.

Digging in deeper to functional testing and understanding your results is what we do in Well Conceived.

Step 3 is Finding the Right Support

To start resolving the problems causing ovulation to be late, absent, or missing altogether.

With the right diet, lifestyle, nutritional and botanical support you can usually get your ovulation back on track within 3 months!

Message me on socials or send me an email to find out how I support women to create regular, healthy, fertile ovulation!!

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