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The Modern Woman's Guide to Getting Pregnant

There comes a time where old ways of thinking need to be left behind.

The old way of approaching trying to get pregnant was to 'have a go' for 12 months, then (once you're good and stressed about it) go to the doctor who may run a few tests or just send you straight along to a fertility specialist to begin IVF.

  1. There were few preliminary investigations to be sure you were healthy enough to make a baby,

  2. No coaching around how to find your fertile window,

  3. Rarely were there tests for your man to see if he was making enough healthy sperm,

  4. No advice around correcting the nutrient deficiencies (that reduce fertility) caused by being on the pill,

  5. Little if any guidance around a healthy fertility diet and no advice for optimal preconception prescription beyond folate or the dreaded Elevit,

  6. No support around correct nutrient supplementation to boost fertility, healthy pregnancy and healthy bub.


Just a pat on the head and advice to go home and have plenty of sex.

Thats kinda fun for a month or two!

But its not fun anymore when your period continues to arrive month after month.

What other important life decision do you make without research, deliberation, advice and preparation??

The modern, empowered woman doesn't cross her fingers and hope for the best , does she?

The savvy, switched on, determined mumma-to-be expects to be given up to date information, evidence-based approaches and wants to know the best path to get this baby on the way asap.


The trouble is the first step for the majority of women tends to be the GP or Primary Physician and most GPs haven’t been trained in thorough, up to date preconception care and fertility management.

Its past time for a change!

You and your baby-to-be deserve the best possible outcome!

Effective preconception care and fertility awareness will increase your likelihood for-

  • Getting your timing right!

  • Getting pregnant quickly

  • Providing the best genetic blueprint for baby.

  • A healthy, full term pregnancy.

  • Optimal growth and development of your baby.

  • Maintaining a calm and positive approach.

  • Conceiving naturally.

And reduces your chances of-

  • Feeling stressed out and anxious.

  • Feeling discouraged and desperate.

  • A loss of confidence in yourself and your body.

  • Feeling fearful and out of control.

  • Finding out after months trying that something was wrong and should have been resolved before starting.

  • Being diagnosed infertile.

  • Experiencing miscarriage or stillbirth

  • Complications once you conceive.

  • Health and developmental issues for your baby.

Your journey to motherhood starts long before your positive test kit result.

My advice, make that time count, learn what steps to take to give yourself the best chance of a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby!

Keep an eye out for my my next blog post, we'll be going ‘behind the scenes” in a preconception care consultation!

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