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5 Ways Preconception Care and IVF Support Increases IVF Success

In Australia, current statistics suggest that between 1:8 – 1:10 couples are struggling with fertility issues. This figure is growing at an alarming rate, both male and female fertility is decreasing as a result of the way we live our lives, the environment we are living in, the choices we make while shopping and the food we choose to eat.

Many couples struggling with infertility are choosing to begin IVF or other assisted reproductive technologies (ART) to overcome their conception obstacles. 65-75% of the couples using ART seek some form of complementary or alternative medicine support to increase the rates of success, Naturopathy and Acupuncture are the most highly accessed therapies.

Prevailing opinion suggests effective preconception care and IVF support before beginning an IVF cycle is fundamental.

Foundations for Success

When couples take the time to lay the foundations- for better egg and sperm quality, for a more nurturing, receptive implantation and a better internal environment; they significantly increase the chances of successful IVF- that is full term pregnancy and a healthy new-born baby.

IVF Support

IVF Support is shown to improve the outcome of IVF cycles, and the tolerance to the stress and the medications involved in the IVF procedures. An experienced Natural Fertility Specialist can support couples to-

  1. Increase the quality of eggs sperm and embryos

  2. Increase endometrial receptivity; which supports better implantation.

  3. Improve ovarian response to stimulant medications- this helps improve the number of eggs collected from a stimulated cycle.

  4. Enhance liver detoxification which supports better recovery from treatments and reduces the risk of OHSS (ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome).

  5. Support emotional well-being and stress management to improve outcomes and recovery. Lowering the stress response is proven to improve fertility, emotional resilience helps couples increase their capacity to carry on with their treatments if they are not initially successful.

Collaborative Care

It’s very important to choose a practitioner with extensive knowledge around IVF treatments and fertility to ensure the combined approach is safe and effective. There are some fantastic IVF Specialists in Perth now who are open to and aware of the benefits of preconception care and IVF support provided by experienced Naturopathic Clinicians. This is wonderful to see, together we can more successfully support couples to celebrate their dreams of holding their own healthy baby in their arms.

A Dutch study in 2012 which involved 1270 couples undergoing IVF who maintained a careful fertility diet for 3 months before starting an IVF cycle, shows a 40% increased chance of positive pregnancy after embryo transfer. Thats a substantial increase in chances of success.

Want to Boost Your IVF Success?

Whether you are wondering if IVF is a path you need to take, you are planning to start an IVF cycle soon, you have already begun on the IVF journey, I urge you to prepare thoroughly for you next cycle. I know it can be challenging to take the time out from starting another cycle, but, having worked with hundreds of couples on their IVF journeys, I know how incredibly worthwhile this time spent in preparation is.

Get in contact if you are ready to boost your IVF success.

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