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Male Factor Infertility- Have you tested DNA fragmentation?

If you are planning to start trying to conceive soon, or

If you are concerned about your fertility because its taking longer than you hoped to get pregnant, or

You have suffered recurrent miscarriages...

I want to give you a super important heads-up.

You need to make sure your make sure your man has had his sperm tested for DNA fragmentation, don't assume it has been done by your specialist because this test is often left out..

The integrity of genetic material in the sperm is crucial for successful fertilization and normal embryo development. DNA fragmentation indicates genetic abnormalities within sperm, increased levels of DNA fragmentation have a huge impact on a couple's combined fertility and it is NOT being tested often enough.

This is incredibly frustrating, here we are nearly at 2020 and there is still an overwhelming lean toward blaming a woman for fertility issues. Large studies have shown with no doubt at all that there is a 50/50 male/female responsibility for a healthy, full term pregnancy.

Increased levels DNA fragmentation cause-

  • Reduced chances of conception

  • Embryos with a poor prognosis

  • Blastocyst arrest (where the cells in a fertilized egg stop dividing)

  • Increased risk of miscarriage

  • Increased abnormalities in babies.

Most of us will do anything we can that is safe and effective to avoid these risks... right?

Many of the couples I work with have suffered these issues and yet the testing hasn't been done.

Furthermore, once we discover the issue and treat using a natural holistic approach we can reduce fragmentation from poor-very poor levels to good-excellent in 3 months.

If you are struggling with -

  • Unexplained infertility

  • Arrested embryo development

  • Poor blastocyst development

  • Multiple failed IVF/ICSI treatments

  • Recurrent miscarriage

  • Advanced chronological age.

Save yourself time, money and heartache- get your man tested, its a fairly low cost, easy, low stress test and the results could give you the understanding you need to massively boost your chances of conception.

Make sure you have this test performed before you go any further. I refer my patients to an Andrology lab, where they have the equipment and advanced training to provide the accurate results I want for my patients.

When I receive the results, I spend time interpreting and explaining them so that the couples I work with are empowered with the understanding they need to make the decisions and changes required to improve their combined fertility.

Do you know what your man's sperm fragmentation rate is? If not, I'd suggest its time to find out. Let me know if you'd like help!

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