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Reset your Fertility Mindset with this Simple Step

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

I'm inspired to write this article today after a wonderful week celebrating 4 new pregnancy announcements!

These announcements came from couples I have been working with for somewhere between 2 and 10 months, they have all had obstacles to overcome, some significant and some minor. They had all been trying to conceive for some time before we began working together. Sound familiar?

One of the major struggles couples have when conception is taking longer than expected is keeping a positive mindset, I know, it is easier said than done.

Harder than you imagined?

In all the time you were devotedly trying not to get pregnant before beginning to try to conceive did you ever imagine a reality where conceiving your baby was going to be this damn hard?

Did you imagine it was going to be your first thought on waking up every morning and constantly in the back of your mind throughout the day?

There could be times on your path to conception where you may find yourself at your lowest low, where you feel like a failure, like you're broken, not worthy, not enough..

When the months keep rolling by, your period keeps arriving, it can become hard to keep feeling positive about achieving your dream. You can begin to feel confused, drained, defeated, hopeless or dejected. These feelings tend to leave you tired and dispirited, like nothing feels worth putting effort into.

Time to make a choice

At this point you can make two choices, you decide either to struggle on doing the same thing, feeling powerless, pointless and out of control or you can gather your courage and conviction, your inner strength, your drive and your determination (your feminine ferocity) and do what it takes…

These are the moments when you can choose to drop down deep within to find your inner lioness, the women who would move mountains to protect her child, who would gladly sacrifice absolutely anything for the happiness and health of her baby.

Get in touch with the thoughts and feelings you will have when you become a mother and something, or someone, is making your baby feel scared, sad or sick…. do you feel it?

When you find that feminine ferocity, you have found the source of the strength you need to make the sacrifices, to be brave and try again, to put aside old, familiar habits and to embrace new ones, to allow yourself to forge a new future and find yourself celebrating the realization of your dream.

Try this exercise when next you feel its all become too damn hard, too overwhelming. Allow yourself to imagine what you would do when you become a mum to protect your little one, you will find a great strength and determination you didn't know you possessed. Use it to propel you past those hard times.

Found your feminine ferocity?

The couples I work with use this exercise to push through resistance to the changes they need to make.

They overcome the obstacles to their fertility by staying strong, determined and positive, by seeking the support, guidance, motivation and inspiration they need to feel certain they have identified what is blocking their success. This allows them to feel confident they are doing everything it takes to create the change necessary to allow their bodies to create optimal egg quality, to nurture strong implantation, and to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

I would love to hear from you, reach out to me if you need help finding your feminine ferocity when you need it xx

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