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Is self sabotage affecting your fertility?

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you get in your own way when it comes to conceiving your baby?

Sometimes you don’t do what your head knows is the right thing to do to get closer to that positive pregnancy test?

I put my hand up and confess I’ve definitely done this a time or two!

If you struggle to take action and make the changes you need to make, or struggle to begin a new routine that will increase your chances on conception ... read on, I am going to demystify this common block.

Fear of future possibilities may be causing you to stay stuck in your current reality, if you are reading this article that reality is probably that you are struggling to conceive your baby.

When we feel fearful we try to protect ourselves, if your subconscious thoughts are telling you its risky to make changes then you will constantly trip yourself up, there will always be “good reasons” why you haven’t begun the new routine or adopted the changes that have been suggested to you.

What I often see in the couples that I work with is a self-sabotaging pattern causes them to struggle to make changes, to dive whole-heartedly, with conviction and determination, into the steps and processes that will enhance their fertility and help them to conceive their healthy baby faster.

Lets look at what’s going on, then, with greater awareness and understanding you can bust through self-sabotage next time it sneaks up on you and confidently reclaim your fertility.

What if ???

The fear of future possibility – the “what ifs” are likely to be one of the reasons for self-sabotage, for example-

“What if I put a whole lot of effort into buying different groceries, preparing a healthier fertility diet and my period still comes this month?…”

“What if I start exercising regularly and religiously remember my fertility massage and I still get a painful period and a dark, gluggy flow?…”

For the guys “ What if I am super careful about radiation and heat in my groin area and my next sperm sample still shows I have a lot of weird shaped sperm?..."

We may fear failure so much that we decide not to take the risk of even trying. I’d like to make this proposal-

Flip it !!!

Next time you notice you are staying stuck, afraid to embrace something new, try flipping it, for example-

“What if I stop eating high GI foods and I begin to ovulate regularly?...

“What if I stop going to bed at 12pm, get better rest, create more melatonin and boost my egg quality?...”

“What if I begin an awesome fertility diet for the next 3 months and I conceive and become a mum to a super healthy baby?...”

Next time self-doubt creeps in STOP, grab your journal ( any paper will do) and a pen, go through the exercise of writing down your “what ifs” in a column, then in a new column flip them, write down the positive future potential of each “what if”. This is a powerful exercise in helping you create a new mindset and stop self-sabotaging.

Taking the time to sift through all the excuses and keep asking yourself why you are really avoiding making the changes you need to make to reclaim your fertility will turn up your “what ifs”. This is where you take back control, bust through the blocks and get closer to conceiving your baby.

Below is a short video exploring the theme of self-sabotage, join me and other women on the journey to baby at for me tips and insights.

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