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6 great tips to help you flourish in motherhood

Being a mum is both wonderful and at times wearying.

Its so very important to maintain a balance. Below are 6 powerful, proven tips to help you stay sane, maintain wellness and enjoy this fabulous phase of life.

Invest in yourself and you will be your best in motherhood.

Arrange your own playdates, they’re not just for kids! You need time to catch up with friends old and new, some with kids of their own and some without, this helps maintain self identity and self confidence.

Block out an hour a week for yourself, do something you enjoy. The repercussions of not making time for yourself are feeling stressed, burnt out and overwhelmed.

6 ‘Time out’ ideas

  • Take a cup of tea out into the garden, leave your phone behind and just enjoy the sunshine, the breeze on your face (no weeding allowed! )

  • Book a massage, a reflexology or a kinesiology session.

  • Phone a friend for a chat.

  • Take a long bath, maybe with a mocktail or a glass of bubbles on the side.

  • Curl up on the sofa with a book or your favourite mag

  • Take a stroll along the beach or a bush track.

  • Do a session at the gym or dance studio.

Plan a healthy diet

Plan your meals weekly, batch cook and keep yummy ready to heat meals in the freezer. Always keep healthy snacks in the pantry and fridge.

Maintain a diet made mostly of fruit and veg, good quality protein, unrefined grains and fresh nuts and seeds and you’ll notice your energy increasing.

Keep caffeine, sugary foods and alcohol to a 1-2 times a week limit.

Create a schedule

Grab the kid’s textas and crayons and a sheet of paper, use different colours to mark out work time, domestic duties, family time, exercise, time with your partner and ‘me’ time. The schedule will help those of us who give too much to say no when you can see the schedule is already full. It also reassures us that we do have time for ourselves.

Make sure you are ‘present’ within your schedule and enjoy whatever you are doing at the time.

Get plenty of rest

Sleep is fundamental to maintain reasoning, memory, cognitive function and vocabulary. You’re not going crazy, you’re just not sleeping enough!

The hours before 1am, the time you have deep, delta wave sleep are vital for your production of an important hormone called DHEA. This hormone is crucial for your adrenal gland health and your energy levels and ability to cope with stress.

Nourish yourself

Are your iron levels adequate, are you getting enough B vitamins in your diet, is your immunity compromised, does your thyroid need a bit of extra TLC, should you be supporting your adrenal glands with extra Vit C, Magnesium, B5 and B6?

Your naturopath can help you discover where you might benefit from extra support.


Its all in your attitude! If you wake up in the morning and set an intention for the day, ‘ today is going to be a happy day, all of my interactions are going to be positive’, maybe share it with your family, you may be surprised by what your day brings.

Notice and appreciate the good moments, its easy to let them slip by and focus on the tough times. Listing three things you are grateful for at the end of each day is a powerful thing to do with your kids at bedtime.

A happy mummy= A happy home.

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