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What to do now that you're pregnant!

Whether this happy news is long awaited or it has come as a surprise, the first thing that comes to most women's minds is "What now?'

Beyond worrying about whether we will be any good at securing a nappy to your tiny new arrival's bottom or whether you will be up to the job of explaining the crazy ways of the world to your enquiring toddler...

My suggestion is simple - begin by making sure the right nutrients are available for your precious little one to reach his or her absolute best potential


There's some chance you may suffer with some degree of morning sickness, often starting around week 6-7 when hormone levels are rising rapidly. Its difficult to eat super well during this stage, in fact every cell of your body is likely to crave white or yellow foods: crackers, toasted cheesies, pasta with cheese, hot chips, baked potato with butter, this is a very common list!

My tip is to sneak some goodness in when your taste buds aren't watching... a spread of avocado under the cheese on your cracker, a mug of pumpkin soup with your buttered toast, a few slices of banana on your nut butter sandwich, a handful of spinach and a scoop of protein powder in your blueberry smoothie.

Do your best to make nutrient dense meal choices, as I'm sure you already have been during your preconception stage. As soon as you see the double line show up you can start eating small meals frequently (to reduce the burden on your hard working liver), you can avoid high GI food choices which can cause a rollercoaster effect on your blood sugars and trigger morning sickness.

For breakfast you might enjoy a coconut chia pudding with toasted almonds and blueberries, for morning tea a green smoothie with spinach, avocado and frozen ripe banana and pumpkin seed butter with coconut water. At lunch time a bowl of pumpkin and sweet potato soup with chick peas for protein and calcium, at afternoon tea a homemade protein ball with a cup of rose hip tea. For dinner baked fish

( make a parcel out foil, add a squeeze of lemon and fresh dill, cook for 10 -15 minutes) serve on a bed of quinoa with a side of garden salad- toss together 4 different coloured vegetables.

Aim for 11-12 hours of sleep from week 5 to week 13, I know it sounds crazy but you will be glad of the advice. Fatigue, mood swings and nausea are all much reduced when you've had the sleep your body needs when its creating all the organs of a whole new little being.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on surviving the first trimester.

Yours in health and fertility,



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