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Male Fertility


Male fertility problems have become increasingly prevalent over the last three decades but there is still an assumption that if a couple isn’t getting pregnant it is a fault with the woman’s fertility.

Research is showing that infertility is due to;
* 30% male factor infertility
* 30%female factor infertility
* 20% mutual problems
* 20% unexplained ( I don’t agree with this term, there are usually a number of minor  problems causing infertility. In my experience this area is very well resolved using natural therapies)

 There is an equal chance that  male factor infertility is a part of a couple’s fertility issues. Happily its relatively easy to discover fertility problems in men. A semen analysis run by a quality laboratory will give a thorough breakdown of sperm number, motility (number that are swimming forward quickly) and morphology (number that are the right shape). It can show sperm antibody activity, alkalinity, viscosity and more. I also often recommend a SCSA or Halosperm test which shows the percentage of DNA fragmentation; essentially the percentage of sperm capable of fertilizing an egg and developing into a healthy embryo.
The overall health of a man before he begins trying to start a family is of great importance, his sperm are a product of his whole body vitality. The great news is men develop and mature a whole new batch of sperm every 3 months, giving men a chance to make a big difference to their fertility in a relatively short time. Following a thorough Preconception plan (link) can improve the amount and quality of sperm as well as improve energy and mood, immune function, digestion, libido and long term health.


My focus is to improve all areas of male fertility;
* Sperm count
* Sperm motility
* Sperm morphology
* High DNA fragmentation
* Erectile dysfunction
* Ejaculation issues
* Low libido
* Varicocele
* Raised sperm antibodies
* Hormone imbalances

I'll give you all the information and coaching you need to discover your level of fertility and target any areas of concern. The introduction a of a fertility diet, careful supplementation, the use of herbal and homoeopathic and nutritional remedies, development of the best exercise program for fertility, identification of toxic exposure and individual detox stategies have been shown to be effective in increasing male fertility by several large international studies.
I have supported hundreds of fathers to improve low sperm count or morphology, improve sperm motility and reduce sperm DNA fragmentation. Its absolutely possible to reclaim your fertility, it does take effort and persistence as anything worthwhile does, but when you are holding your baby for the first time you’ll realize the effort was worth it.

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