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IVF Support

IVF Support

IVF Support

Prepare well to boost your chances of IVF success


If you have been trying to conceive your longed for little one for some time without success you may be considering or may already have taken the first steps into IVF, IUI or ICSI (ART-Assisted Reproductive Technologies). This is a very big step, financially, physically and emotionally, it is extremely important to be well prepared for your IVF cycle.


Having been honoured with the opportunity to work with hundreds of couples preparing for IVF over the last 20 years or so, I have seen a significant increase in the likelihood of a successful cycle and a healthy baby to couples who embrace a carefully developed Natural IVF Support program 3-4 months before starting IVF.


While ART focuses mostly on a transport problem, ie getting a sperm and egg together so that fertilization can take place, it does not address is the quality of the sperm, egg or the embryo, or the quality of the uterine lining in which the embryo is to thrive. Australian, American and UK research shows that correct preconception health care can increase IVF success rates by between 50% and 63%.

A Natural IVF Support program specifically focuses on preparing both you and your partner so that the healthier egg and sperm come together at fertilization to create an embryo that then burrows deeply into a lush, nutrient rich uterine lining resulting in a stronger more viable conception. The Foresight study in the UK (2002-2009) found 3-4 months of preconception care more than doubled the success rates for IVF.


Frequently asked Questions-

Q: What can a preconception IVF support program do to help the outcome of an IVF cycle?

A : Embracing a holistically developed, personalized preconception IVF support program will-

• Enhance the egg quality, providing the energy to begin division and enhance the cell membrane’s ability to accept sperm.
• Improve sperm count, morphology, motility and DNA integrity
• Modulate FSH production which can be raised and may cause cancellation of IVF cycles.
• Improve response to IVF drugs and reduce negative side effects.
• Modulate the immune response which can cause rejection of the embryo.
• Support the nervous system and adrenal function during and after the procedure.


Q : Is naturopathic treatment compatible with ART procedures and the drugs used?

A : A naturopathic preconception program is compatible with Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) when managed by a trained Natural Fertility Specialist.

Some natural therapies should not be taken along with the drugs prescribed during an IVF cycle, BUT - there are many remedies that are safe and effective during the cycle, significantly increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome and reducing the side effects of IVF drugs.

The aim of my Natural IVF Support program is to integrate and compliment your IVF cycle holistically, ensuring a genetically healthy conception, a healthy pregnancy and birth and a bright, happy, healthy baby.

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