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Fertility Support and Preconception Care

The Seed preconception health program combines evidence based nutritional medicine, herbal medicine and lifestyle coaching to improve your chances of successful conception, an uncomplicated pregnancy and birth and a happy, healthy, beautiful baby.

I have been empowering and supporting thousands of couples over the last 20 years to conceive naturally and where necessary provides the essential support for successful IVF cycles.

If you are considering trying to conceive or are having difficulties conceiving, have suffered a miscarriage or had a difficult pregnancy or birth previously, preconception preparation is essential for you and your partner to begin now. For hundreds of years different cultures have understood the link between pre pregnancy health and healthy pregnancies and babies.

Natural Fertility methods have been used successfully by thousands of couples who have had difficulties conceiving, achieving and maintaining a healthy pregnancy and a healthy birth and baby.

 A preconception program should begin 4 months prior to conception, optimising your health prior to this time increases your chances of conception and healthy pregnancy and birth. The time it takes for an ova to mature is approximately 100 days, sperm develop and mature fully in 120 days, during this time they are incredibly vulnerable to the effects of nutritional deficiencies, toxins and stress.

We know that healthy DNA in your sperm and egg provide the building blocks for a healthy baby. Preconception care allows you to positively influence your sperm and egg health by making diet and lifestyle changes, completing a fertility detox taking fertility boosting supplements and reducing stress before you conceive.

Who should do a preconception program?
* Healthy fertile couples who want to increase their chances of a healthy pregnancy and baby
* Both prospective parents should do the program
* Couples with a previous history of problems such as low birth weight, prematurity, stillbirth and malformations.
* Couples who are doing IVF, ICSI and FET improve their rate of success by completing preconception care
* Coupes who have fertility problems like high DNA fragmentation, fallopian tube blockages, sperm count, quality and  motility problems, hormonal problems such as PCOS or endometriosis, unexplained infertility
* Couples with a history of miscarriage
* Couples preparing for a donor  (egg or sperm) cycle
* Older couples including women over 40 can improve the health of their “older” eggs and reduce health problems associated with babies born to older couples

My purpose is to empower you with the information, tools and support you need to make this journey realisable. At your first visit we review a comprehensive questionnaire, we take a detailed case concerning your overall health and specifically your fertility. If you have already been seeing a fertility specialist and begun IVF we carefully review all of your results to discover where natural fertility methods are going to help you get your positive pregnancy test.

I often recommend specialised testing to further understand your hormone profile, toxicity status, complete sperm health. Where necessary we will work together with other health practitioners such as fertility doctors, acupuncturist and osteopaths. I will teach you how to chart your cycle and optimize intercourse timing. Preconception care allows us an opportunity to overcome sperm problems and female problems that may be reducing chances of conception such as PCOS, endometriosis, ovulation issues, bleeding irregularities, cycle length issues and other problems.   We create an individualized plan formulated to help you enjoy a vital, uncomplicated pregnancy, overcome fertility problems, enjoy a healthy birth and baby.

Your preconception care program gives you a chance to break old habits, learn how to maintain your health and wellness, it’s also excellent preparation for becoming a healthy parent and preparing you to raise healthy children. Your program will help you feel healthy and energetic, empowered, in control and ready to be parents to a bright, happy, healthy baby.

What are the benefits of pre-conception care?

* Optimise your chance of a natural conception
* Increasing your chances of a successful assisted reproduction cycle eg. Ovulation induction, IVF/ICSI/FET
* Increasing your chances of a full term pregnancy, live birth and healthy baby
* Your baby will be less likely to have congenital defects
* You will be more likely to have a healthy birth
* Your baby is more likely to be content and alert
* Your baby will be less likely to suffer allergies, asthma and behavioural and learning problems
* Reducing your risk of pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, pregnancy complications, post natal depression, pre term birth and low birth weight baby

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