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Women's Health

Puberty to Menopause

 Women are prone to a range of different hormonal problems during their reproductive and post reproductive years. Ranging from acne and pmt to endometriosis and infertility to hot flushes. Our health is affected by the complex interplay of hormones which can be disrupted by stress, thyroid and pancreatic health, diet, environmental chemicals, hereditary factors, artificial hormones and illness.
Natalie specializes in managing and optimizing women’s health through every stage, supporting specific health issues, hormonal problems and nutritional needs as required. Using the most up-to-date diagnostic testing, combined with the wisdom of natural medicine  we identify your individual hormonal pattern and restore balance to your body.

Natalie offers effective treatment for    
 Menstrual irregularities ie period pain, heavy periods
 PMS and PMDD (severe pmt)
Ovarian Cysts
Breast issues
Cervical health
Fertility Problems
Pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding
Low libido
Peri- menopausal and Menopausal symptoms
Hormonal acne
Thyroid problems
Insulin resistance
Weight problems

I'm passionate about women’s health, I understand that this is an area that often requires sensitivity, respect and discretion. It has been an honour and a privilege to support  many women with hormone imbalances regain their balance and vitality.  

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